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Virtual reality or VR gaming as people usually call it is becoming more and more popular. But first, let’s define it. VR gaming is a simulated, computer-generated experience. With the help of a VR headset and hand controllers, the player will be transported to the created reality and play.

If you are on vacation with the family on the Gold Coast, make sure to add this in your to-do list. There have been VR gaming attractions popping up in the region and here are a few of them.

Xscape Reality: They are the first virtual reality gaming arcade on the Gold Coast. They offer over 50 different games which can be played alone or with a friend. They have games like BladeShield, a sci-fi virtual reality action game and The Thrill of the Fight, a virtual boxing game.

Do you fear heights? Ty conquering it by playing Plank Not Included. Want to be a wizard and concoct some potions in front of a boiling cauldron? Waltz of the Wizard is the game for you. Besides VR Gaming, Xscape Reality also has a VR Motion Racing Simulator. Here you can ride a V8 Supercar and race around Bathurst. Take note, this simulator is set on a full-motion platform which means you will feel every turns and bumps on the road.

Zero Latency Gold Coast: Playing VR games usually keep players on the same spot. But if you want to roam around, Zero Latency Gold Coast can let you do that. Their virtual reality experience is unlike traditional VR gaming.

First, their games require more physical activity. So players are equipped with a VR headset, a backpack and a controller giving them the freedom to move and explore the room. Their games include SIngularity where a team of up to eight people can play and investigate a secret military station in space. Here you also get to fight killer robots!

How about entering the mind-bending and mystical world of Engineerium? Or, shoot a horde of zombies Outbreak Origins. Better yet, play the Zombie Survival game. This is an intense 15-minute shooter game zombie fanatics will enjoy!

Besides these two VR gaming attractions, other destinations offer a VR experience such as:

Holoverse: This is the world's first hologram arcade. They have several rooms that offer a different experience and are designed for one user at a time. The user is equipped with a pair of glasses and a belt which allows them to see and experience the virtual world.

If you want to play, Holovere also has a room with a game called False Eden. This is an 8-level monster game which allows a player to wield a holographic weapon to battle. And if you want some company to challenge, Holoverse also has Hologram Arcade Tables. This one is designed for two players and features various games which they update every two months.

Arkham Asylum VR: Now this one can be found at Warner Bros. Movie World. The ride called Arkham Asylum has a virtual reality roller coaster experience, the first in Australia. Riders will be given VR goggles which takes them to Gotham City complete with seamless syncing and visual effects.

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